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Sunday, September 25, 2011

On-line telephone connection requires no special hardware to live outgoing calls

Phone Dialer online services you can use a huge advanTAGe for companies that live agents to make outgoing calls to be present. Polls show that productivity in line dialer phone more than 40% completed, and thus improve the callers to hundreds of calls a day.

To maximize if you're in a business that you do a lot of outbound calls per day must be, the chances are very good that you are always looking for ways to waste time and effort.Traditionally, predictive dialers are used to meet these requireMents. These predictive dialer systems rather than the number of concurrent outgoing calls. When a call from a living person instead of an answering machine, light flashes questions and shows that a person has been reached. This in turn requires an operator to start (the end of the caller) to connect the call and talk.

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However, there is a problem called "dead Air" that if the operator turns on the end still busy calling speak in a previous call and can not on the person who has just received the call, or not quickly enough. This is called "abandoned call." Because it has become so annoying, the recipients of the call, the federal law was passed only the number of abandoned calls, which can be made.

On-line telephone connection requires no special hardware to live outgoing calls

If you are a call center or a company that makes a huge amount of outgoing calls, the newspaper's own, this will be a problem for you. However, there are alternatives. There are online > Services dialer that you can set the call volume that you need, but also to eliminate the problems of call abandonMent.

The uptime of a dialer line is made ​​from the desktop, eliminating the need for expensive telephone lines that carry a huge monthly cost. You do not need any hardware or software.

The process is fAirly simple and straightforward. You go online and log into your account and then download the> List of phone you want to use. Click on a number and the system chooses. When the recipient answers, you talk about her. If the call goes to voice mail or e-mail, simply click on the system and leave a recorded message. But here's the beauty of the system while the system is leaving your message, you can move the beginning and the composition and speak with the next number on your list. Not only to avoid repeating the same messages for answering machines all day (80% ofphones in the U.S. voice mail during the day to answer), but you never expect to lose time to complete the message. When the message heard, you have been to one or two blades.

It 'important to remember that leaving a message for a contact is much more useful than just a hang up. Hang up when you are 8 times out of 10 you choose, wasting much time. Rather, the effort for a good cause and making a well thoughtMessage that the contact can listen to his convenience. Moreover, the idea of a live-agent calls mainly from trees and telephone switchboard operators, scroll to the right person can be reached by phone. If it takes 3 minutes to get the correct phone number to receive voice messages can only be, it is better leave a message.

This is particularly useful in some applications in which the law provides that every recorded message can be delivered only after receiptConsent of the person called. For example, in California, which is necessary for political talks.

Here are some advanTAGes of on-line dialer that you should know:

1 Manage all from your desktop Computer: everything can be immediately checked by your web interface, as man is called, when to speak or leave a voice message, what kind of message you want to leave (with or without individual welcome to) and much moremore.

2 Improved productivity: your call center reps can apply directly from their own desktop Computer at work, at home or around the world from any remote location that has Internet access. There is no need to worry about long distance calls and you can monitor their progress in real time.

4 Fiber Optic Quality: Unlike Voice Over Internet (VOIP), you have access to one of the highest quality available telephone systems. You can call anyLocation on the planet and the quality of experience welcome.

5 Immediate response: The days of having the caller had to listen to voice-mail announcements to the end. Now you can choose and can be custom recorded messages when you reach someone's voice mail. The system will wait for a tone of a recorded message to deliver, and at the same time, you can call and talk to your next contact, while a message left on the recipient of the previous message.

6Huge capacity: In general, these services are processing thousands of calls per hour, and you can control an unlimited number of lists.

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive systems predictive dialer and a plan to comply with new laws, it is worth your time to explore options and learn more about the latest technology that your company or organization can time and money save. You will find that book on-line telephoneDialers are the way to go.

On-line telephone connection requires no special hardware to live outgoing calls

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