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Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 Ways to Reverse Trace a Phone Number

3 Ways to Reverse Trace a Phone Number

It seems like something a detective on a crime-show drama would to do, perform a cell phone call trace. As a hard working detective trying to find the bad guy, it makes sense they would frequently need to do things like trace a phone number. But, how often does a situation where a regular person needs to reverse trace a phone number? More often than you might think. This includes the case of the hapless secretary who neglects to get the caller's name. She has to give the message to her superior, and all she has to go on in the caller id. In this situation figuring out how to trace the call is of paramount importance.

There are a few different ways the intrepid secretary can go about tracing a phone number. The simplest way, although not very obvious, is just to enter the enTire number into the Google search bar and hit the search key. Information entered into the internet is never lost. It just floats around until someone thinks of a way to retrieve it. If this phone number has ever been associated to a website or even an email adDress for any reason, then Google can usually find person who it belongs to. This can work even on numbers that are unlisted. The number are only unlisted in the telephone book, and there are many reasons it might have been entered into the internet. If the search that is returned ends up being too unwieldy, then try putting everything but the area code into quotations. For example: 111 "111-1111" then hitting the search key. If that does not yield satisfactory results, then replace the area code with the state, like Colorado or Texas.

A completely different reason to trace a call may be to locate a missing person. There is the scenario of someone being kidnapped, and they call 911 from a landline, which is then traced to the location of the person. The police are then able to rescue the victim and save the day. Probably a little more likely is the teenager who needed some alone time and disappears. Since a modern teenager cannot be parted from their cell phone for almost any reason, a parent can use online technology to trace their whereabouts. This new technology uses the global positioning system, or GPS, technology embedded into the mobile phone to find where a person physically is.

It is this same technology that allows a smart phone to find out what restaurants are within a two mile radius of your current location, or to allow Google maps to show your exact location, including the direction you are current traveling, on your cell phone. For teenagers who do not have a smart phone, searches would be able to triangulate their position based on the signals received by the cell phone transmission towers. There are programs online that allow searches, like parents to use this transmission signals to locate their children. This technology has been very successful in helping to find missing children and runaways.

Another option to trace a telephone number would be to use a reverse telephone number trace online using a company that mines multiple sources to create a custom cell phone directory. There are many companies who offer online directories, and I will Mention my favorite below.

As more people go wireless and only have a cell phone number instead of a land line, these online directories may be the only way possible to find out who is calling. In the case of our poor secretary, who is frantically trying to find the name of the person who called, more than likely it is a person calling on a business cell phone. In that case these online, reverse directories can be a lifeline. Do be aware that many sites may charge a fee, so read carefully before using them to search.

With modern technology it is possible to find all kinds of information about a person and their location based on a quick trace of a telephone number. You can find their name, adDress and even current physical location. It is indeed a brave, new world.

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