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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cable Fiber VS Phone Fiber For Internet & TV

Cable Fiber VS Phone Fiber For Internet & TV

With telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT & T fiber optic network for television and internet services, it is understandable that if a question would be, if the network fiber cable company offers the same technology. You can view the radio or TV advertising a particular supplier of fiber optic cable have heard, but unless you speak to the class of business services that have never used the "look" word with fiberglass.

True optical fiberNetworks

Both cable and telephone companies use optical fiber true. The discrepancy is in what is commonly referred to as the "last mile". Network of a cable provider are typically fiber to the node or FTTN, and then transfer the data from that point to nearby homes and businesses via coaxial cable. On the other hand, some phone companies use the same method, but also offer Fiber to the Home, FTTH or compounds. Currently, Verizon FiOS network andAT & T U-verse are the only networks that deliver to your home directly via fiber.

FTTH connections

This needs a little clarification. While U-Verse and FiOS FTTH offers to do in some areas that will be delivered first to an access point or node. From this point it is delivered to your home via coaxial cable, as well as your cable or a fiber cable. Hence the term fiber to the house, which simply means the point at which you complete the fiber optic line. I know this is aa little 'confused, but then again, a reference to FTTH connections' "last mile", a fiber optic connection to a coaxial connector.

Fiber optic Internet

A connection to the Internet via a fiber network is much Faster than the old copper or coaxial cable, due to the fact that the data will be transmitted by light pulses by thin strands of glass, instead of electrical impulses through copper cablesless loss of quality and a greater ability to carry data. A fiber-optic Internet connection is not the last mile of the cable so it is shared at high speed. And 'dedicated, so regardless of whether they should be FTTH or FTTN, the connection of a telephone service provider, in theory, with more reliable than cable.

Fiber-optic TV

The same principles apply here as with the Internet fiber. Because of the technologies involved, providers of telephonewith fiber optic technology network now have the opportunity to match or exceed the quality of the ever cable TV provider. If the television is the same, or is not a factor, may be important for grouping options for Internet, telephone and TV, because as already Mentioned, you are likely to get a better connection through a telephone service provider for the Internet as a you would with a broadband connection via cable.

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