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Thursday, October 13, 2011

VoIP Internet Phone Service Allows Snowbirds to Have Local Phone Service Wherever they Go

VoIP Internet Phone Service Allows Snowbirds to Have Local Phone Service Wherever they Go

If you're a Snowbird, internet phone service could be the perfect thing for you. Because VoIP (voice over internet protocol, aka..Internet Phone Service) relies on a broadband internet connection and requires only a small device known as a VoIP adapter - internet phone service is extremely portable.

Many people live in cooler climates in the summer, and migrate to their warm southern winter homes when the weather turns cold. Having local telephone service in both winter and summer homes can be costly, as well as confusing for those who try to keep in touch with you. A cell phone is a great remedy for this, except for "out of state-ers" who have to make a long distance call to talk with you.

If you're using broadband internet service anyway (which is easily turned "off" when you've moved away for the season), it makes good sense to subscribe to internet phone service and always have a local phone number no matter which home you are living in. To do this, all you need to do is choose a VoIP provider and subscribe to internet phone service. Get a local phone number (you can usually keep your existing number if you want) and enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling for between - per month - depending on which provider you choose.

When you're ready to move to your seasonal home, add a second number to your plan. Because location doesn't matter with internet phone service, you can ask for a number that is local to your second home. You will now have two separate phone numbers - one that is local to your summer home, and the other one local to your winter home. Both will ring on the same telephone, so you can answer both lines with the same equipMent. Each will have separate voice mail boxes, which can be very handy.

When you move to your seasonal home, take the VoIP adapter with you. Calls will go to voicemail while you are traveling, and you can call and check messages from any telephone. You can also set up call forwarding on both numbers while you are between homes, and forward all calls to your cell phone. This is very easy to do with online account manageMent - a service that is free with all the best VoIP providers.

As soon as you have your broadband internet connection turned on in your second home, connect the VoIP adapter and your telephone and start making and receiving calls. Internet phone service gives you the unique ability to have multiple phone numbers (any area codes you need) as well as the ability to take your local phone service with you wherever you go. The only requireMent is a broadband high-speed internet connection, which most people have anyway. When it's time to move back to your first home, simply take the VoIP adapter and repeat the installation steps - it's as simple as that!

One thing to remember with internet phone service is to keep your current adDress on file with the VoIP provider. This is necessary for 911 services. Because internet phone service is portable and uses the internet to transmit calls, the only way emergency services people can find you is through E-911 (enhanced 911). With E911, when you make a 911 emergency call, the adDress that you have on file with the VoIP provider is transmitted to the dispatcher. This adDress is also used to ensure that your 911 calls are routed to the closest dispatcher to your home. For Snowbirds who live in more than one place depending on the season, it's important to log on to the VoIP online account management and update your current address each time you move.

All VoIP service providers allow you to purchase an additional phone number for a small fee (usually around a month). If you're fortunate enough to live in an area where Sunrocket VoIP is available (they are expanding rapidly, so check back often if Sunrocket service is not yet available in your area), you can get a second number for only a month with their unlimited annual calling plan. Just about every internet phone service provider includes the US and Canada in their unlimited local and long distance calling plans, so you Canadian snow birds can participate in this too!

With VoIP internet phone service, there is no need to have land line telephone service again. The quality of internet phone service is now just as good as traditional phone service as long as you have good, reliable broadband internet service. If you're planning to use VoIP internet phone service as your one-and-only home phone service (millions do), be sure to choose a well-known, reputable VoIP provider to ensure you have quality service. Some internet phone service providers to consider are Sunrocket, Packet8, Vonage and AT&T CallVanTAGe.

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