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Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Start a Cell Phone Business the Simple Way - Without All The Traditional Costs Involved

How to Start a Cell Phone Business the Simple Way - Without All The Traditional Costs Involved

How to start a cell phone business the simple way means that you need to look for a business store to lease which means it will cost thousands of Dollars each month depending on the location. The next thing you need would be products; you will also need to purchase liability insurance just in case a client slips and falls inside the store of yours.

Office equipMent such as Computers, phones and fax machines, employees, etc., are necessitates you need in order to open the front doors and then the guarantee of even selling a cell phone could take a really long time. In reality starting a business can run you in the tens of thousands of Dollars. The simple way would be to start a business on the net. With a store on the net you don't have to lease a building.

There are also no products to inventory; you don't need to deal with all the headaches of having employees not showing up to work, and don't forget the cost of insurance. Another simple thing about starting a cell phone business on the net is that you have the opportunity to earn residual income on every phone plan that you sell. For example if you sell a phone plan which the consumer pays per month; you can earn from 1% to 10% profit or commission for every monthly premium a customer pays each month.

Just about all contracts are for 2 years other words you will get paid for 2 years on work that you only takes one time to set up. Residual income is awesome.

This is a residual income stream that also gives you the opportunity to help those around you and allows others to open up their very own cell phone business and you will earn a percenTAGe of their sales from every store every month.

This kind of sales multiplies up to tens of thousands of dollars each and every month. As we all know by now the world-wide-web is growing at an alarming rate and millions of thousands of dollars are being made by ordinary people from all around the word by turning to the world-wide-web. And shopping online for cell phone plans is getting even more popular each and every day that means opportunities on the world-wide-web are endless.

In the next ten years we will experience a big financial boom in e-commerce and those few who jumped in and took action right now will be making a large amount of income. So what are the advanTAGes on starting a simple cell phone business online versus the traditional plan? With an online business the cost is much lower than that of an orthodox cell phone business.

You can start up your cell phone business online in a matter of minutes and it will only cost you around 0 dollars rather tens of thousands of dollars to start a small business. With a business on the net there is no overhead no shipping, billing or any employees as it is all taken care for you.

Leaving you with more time for focusing on more sales. Your store is located on the internet where there is no geographical boundaries; with an orthodox business you are restricted to your town or city; you can now sell a cell phone to anyone and anyplace in the US.

In conclusion, I hope this article made it simple on how to start a cell phone business online with a 7 or eight figure income.

Cheers to your success.

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