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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Avoid Scams! Read This Before Buy Magic Jack Internet Phone - An Honest Magic Jack Review

Avoid Scams! Read This Before Buy Magic Jack Internet Phone - An Honest Magic Jack Review

Magic Jack Magic Jack or the telephone service is the next and a leader in long-distance game VOIP. At a time when the economy suffers, are products that can save hundreds of thousands of individuals Dollars more and go to flower, despite the recession and other financial difficulties that we have. Magic Jack is not perfect, but in no way companies and individuals have over and over again, based on proven their savings from their mobile phonebills, which probably is the reason why its been getting lots of attention nowadays.

Let me start off with the negatives of magic jack Internet phone service, and on this article I'll try to show you both the negatives and positives of the service.

First off, you're going to be required to have Fast Internet connection and that is the main requireMent of ANY voiceover telephony systems. There's just no getting around that, that is required. Although you can enjoy unlimited free local and national long-distance including Canada, international calls are possible only if the other person also has the device himself !Having that they are wired to have the capability to call ANYONE in the US and Canada(with or without the device) unlimited and vice versa.

If you have a business partner, family member residing in another country and you anticipate a lot of calls back and forth? It definitely is a good idea to send the device over, and Watch the savings pile up!

911 service on the magic jack is not as dependable as that of regular landline phone services, and thats the downside. In my opinion its just not advisable to only have VOIP phone, especially during emergencies. The magic jack internet phone is the best choice as a SECONDARY phone, bar none! But I certainly wouldn't recomMend it as your solo phone!

You can make local calls you are even granted a special phone number you can make national long-distance and even international long distance calls with. The more long-distance calls to make, the bigger your savings!

A special magic jack phone number is granted when you sign-up and is active regardless of where you are in the world! You can receive calls to and from anyone, anywhere, and they are totally free when calls originate or directed towards US and Canadian numbers.

The package itself costs .95, and if you're like my sister? It'll literally pay for itself within hours.. :) The other free features they come with are free calls to cellphones, free voice mail, free caller id, free call waiting, free call forwarding and some others I can't recall at the moMent.

At any rate if you're interested in this sort of thing I recomMend that you DO NOT purchase right away, and instead take them on their one-month free trial offer just to see if this is something you could find your own reasons to benefit from, and hopefully cut down your phone bills by a few hundreds, to several thousands if you're a heavy long-distance consumer.

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