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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Putting Internet on the CECT i68 (The SciPhone)

Putting Internet on the CECT i68 (The SciPhone)

Many of the questions that I know for CECT i68 (nickname: SciPhone) have Internet access, web browsing, or to do online. I recently had someone write me and ask me "how to use the Internet on the SciPhone." I knew what the writer meant, but if you read the e-mail, literally, as he is, that this function on the phone itself is designed to add. You do not. The phone is already set to have the Webbrowsing feature. It's one of the main selling features of the phone. You may have to obtain data access for it or change some of the settings to get it to recognize your carrier, but most of what you need should already be on the phone. I'll explain this more in the following article.

Getting Web Access For The CECT i68: When I said that you probably already had most of what you needed to get online for the SciPhone, what I meant was that you typically will not need to mess with the firmware or download any thing to get this phone online. Now, you may chose to download Opera Mini, which is a very nice (and totally free) Java web browser which compresses the data so that you can typically see the whole online screen on your phone's screen. Opera Mini also ensures that you use (and therefore pay for) less data. But, this is not mandatory because the phone has a pretty decent WAP browser that works as well.

But speaking of paying for data, you must have some in order for this to work. What I mean by this is that the sim card (or cards, since this is a dual sim phone) that you are using must include data or web access in order to browse the web. This of one of a few places where people sometimes get confused. They either think that this phone includes WiFi and therefore they should be able to access the web via hot spots (which doesn't work for the SciPhone.)

Or, they'll think that because they downloaded Opera Mini, this means that they should be able to get online for free. This really isn't true. Although you will use less data because of the compression, you will still need data on your sim card. Sometimes, this is just included with your service and you won't need to do anything. If it's not included, just log onto your carrier's web site or call them to add it.

If you are going with pay as you go or prepaid, you can still absolutely get online. Some carriers will just charge you per MB, (but this can be expensive if you're going to use this service a lot.) Other times, they do offer a monthly package. An example is AT&T's GoPhone media net package that runs about .99 per 1MB of usage. (At least this is true right now. They change this sometimes.) Also, you can sometimes find prepaid sim cards that include unlimited data for a month and run about . (Sometimes, these include talk and messaging as well, but still expire after 30 days.)

Configuring The SciPhone To Browse The Web Or Use The Internet: I'm sometimes asked how to configure the i68 for the Internet or the web. Again, this is just semantics, but you really do not need to do any configuration. First off, as I said above, make totally sure that you have access to data. Next, make sure that your sim card (or cards) or installed correctly. They do not go in the same way for both cards. The gold sides should be facing one another, so that they make sort of a sandwich.

Finally, go into your data settings and make sure that they are pointing to the carrier that you are using. For example, if you are using AT&T, you should see AT&T under the GPRS, WAP, MMS, and Java settings. You should not see China mobile or something like that. If you do, then you'll just need to go in for each setting and either change or edit it to point to AT&T or whichever carrier you use. You can often get these settings from the carrier directly. Or, you can find set up instructions for just a couple of bucks online. Some people even offer software that does the work for you, but even if you're going to do this manually, it certainly isn't at all hard. Just change each setting one by one and make sure that you hit "apply" at the end.

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