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Friday, October 14, 2011

Problems With the Internet on the CECT I9 - Troubleshooting WAP and the Internet Browser

Problems With the Internet on the CECT I9 - Troubleshooting WAP and the Internet Browser

There is no question that the CECT i9 is a great phone and it's pretty sweet right out of the window. For basic functions, just add your SIM card and go (provided you use a GSM SIM card.) Finding the phone and read phone numbers and call the old voice and text messages just fine. The MP3 / MP4 players, digital cameras, Bluetooth, FM radio and ebook reader also works with the right of the bat. But sometimes when people go to set the WAPMMS and web browsing (depending on where you purchased the phone), they sometimes need to trouble shoot a little 'problems, to reach the promised land of the browser without problems. This article lists some general questions I see people experience the Internet aspect of this phone.

You have successfully installed Sims Sim does not support or use a browser?

First of all, the simplest (but verycommon) problem. The two different SIM cards are installed on this phone. If the gold at the bottom of the map pointing in opposite directions so that the shares in gold are facing each other. Many people install both cards with the gold side down, but what is a Fast but I tell you to attack because the phone is not read. But if you have a card that only settings from dual card single.

Alsofolks will sometimes attempt to search the net or use MMS when their plan / card doesn't support this. For example, if your card is only for talk and basic SMS text, then the Internet is not going to work. You'll have to purchase one of the unlimited or other data sims from T Mobile To Go or the like (or make sure your plan includes data).

Have You Set Up The WAP OR MMS Settings For Your Carrier?

Sometimes, you will get a seller who will set up the phone for your particular network. In this case, you should be good to go. Other times, you will get the phone with the factory settings (for example, the WAP will be set to something like China Mobile.) This is an easy fix. You will just need to find the settings for your particular carrier and edit the settings. You'll see prompts for (and will need to change) things like the proxy, http adDress, port number, etc. This is not at all hard. Once you find the settings for your particular carrier (AT&T for example will be completely different for T Mobile), just follow the directions, edit, and save. These settings (and step by step instructions) are available for download for dirt cheap from a variety of sellers. Some even offer a download to your phone to save you the trouble of having to manually make the changes.

Are You Using The Correct WAP Internet Browser For A Mobile Phone?

Here is probably the biggest mistake that I see people make. They get everything set up correctly and then they go in and type in Google and wonder why it looks funny and is hard to navigate. Or, sometimes they will get an 504 error, a "not enough memory" prompt, or "the script is not supported" prompt. The answer to this problem is very simple. In order to maximize your browsing / Internet experience, you'll need to use a good mobile phone web browser. Using a desk top browser is only going to make it so much more difficult to see, download, navigate use, etc. So, you need a browser that is made specifically for a mobile phone.

So, instead of typing in google (for desktops), use Google mobile or MSN mobile. There is also a very nice browser through Java called Opera Mini that is Fast and condenses most all sites for easy view and navigation on this phone. This is what I typically use along with MSN mobile.

I also get a lot of questions about financial sites like Ameritrade. People like to use this phone to trade stocks. Often in order for these to work, you'll need to find the mobile version of the site and most sites have these. Just Google the name of the site with mobile behind it or "(website name) for use with mobile phones." This will give you the condensed version of the site so that you can see the whole screen on your phone and easily navigate around.

Usually sites like Facebook and MySpace will work fine with a good mobile browser like Opera Mini.

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