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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can You Make Money Operating a Phone Answering Service from Home?

Can You Make Money Operating a Phone Answering Service from Home?

An answering machine is definitely something that you can work
from home as a home-based business. There are several turnkey
Business opportunities in which companies actually recruiting telephone answering service at home to accept a rule,
Contact for product information. Some of these concern
The sales include technical support, and some are as simple as
The degradation of an adDress and telephone number of personand planning
them for a follow-up phone call or visit, or take a message.

Another possibility is to start your own answering machine
and build its customer base. Sometimes this is a better
Turnkey alternative options, because with
Turnkey operation, if the company you work for it
below, your business is resumed. If you built your client
Basis, it can damage your company to lose a customer, butYou can
always busy with new customers for the loss

A woman that I knew signed to answer phones for a company that
Tarot sold. He thought it was a scam, but there was no
Start-up costs involved, so he decided to try it. The way in which
the answering machine worked, was when she was ready,
Answer phones, has selected a number and signed in the system.
When he signedinquiry calls were forwarded to her home
phone. She got paid a flat fee for every phone call she answered
through her phone answering service, and then got paid a bonus if
she scheduled an appointMent with the tarot reader for the
caller. She received weekly checks for the calls that she took,
plus the bonuses.

The benefits of this type of arrangeMent are, you don't have to
do much work to get started, and you can work when you want to.
The main disadvanTAGe is, it is an opportunity that could be here
today and gone tomorrow. Stability is sometimes a concern if you
are depending on the income and the company shuts down, or even
decreases their marketing because your volume of calls depends
upon their efforts, not your own.

If you start your own phone answering service, you may have some
trouble getting clients. Only certain types of businesses
actually hire phone answering services and many of them are
declining due to the availability of cell phones. Even so, some
service conscious entrepreneurs and service providers who simply
do not want their customers to have to speak to voice mail, and
some don't want their work interrupted by phone calls, so there
is still a demand for home-based phone answering services.

If you open your own home-based phone answering service, you can
define a broad target market and get clients that are not local;
however, in many cases, the best place to get clients is from
your community. Entrepreneurs who provide services at a
customer's home or place of business are great targets for a
home-based phone answering service. Plumbers, electricians,
painters, contractors, roofers, carpet and tile layers,
landscapers, home remodelers, home decorators, and so forth are
good examples. For instance, if they are roofing a house, they
don't want to stop what they are doing to answer the phone, and
having office staff to answer the phone is not usually
financially viable for small trade businesses such as these. Your
home-based phone answering service may be just what they need to
keep their business professional without the overhead costs of an

Some home-based phone answering services provide services for
standard office tasks as well. Typing, entering data into a
bookkeeping system, preparing bills and other mail, or filling
orders are some services you can offer that are compleMentary to
a phone answering service. By offering additional services, you
will make the most of your time, rather than just sitting around
waiting for the phone to ring. With a little thought and
innovation, and a good sales pitch to pick up clients, you can
make money from a home-based phone answering service.

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