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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Start a Cell Phone Business the Easy Way Without All the Traditional Cost Involved

How to Start a Cell Phone Business the Easy Way Without All the Traditional Cost Involved

To start a cell phone business the traditional way means that you will have to find a store to rent which we all know can be thousands of Dollars per month depending on the location.The next thing you will need to do is buy inventory, you will need to get liability insurance for in case someone slips and falls in your store.Phones,Computers,fax machines,employees etc has to be acquired before you can even open your doors and then you are not even guaranteed to sell a phone. It's easy to see how just the initial setup of a cell phone business can run you tens of thousands of Dollars.

The second way for you to start a cell phone business is by doing it all online.With an online store you won't have to rent an expensive store,you won't have to buy inventory,you won't have to deal with employees,liability insurance and the list goes on and on. Another neat thing about starting an online cell phone business is that you have the opportunity to earn residual income on all the phone plans you sell.For instance if you sell the average phone plan which cost the consumer per month you can make anywhere between 1% and 10% commission every time the customer pays their monthly phone bill.Knowing that the average phone contract is 2 years you will get paid a commission every month for 2 years on work that you do only once.That is the awesome power of residual income.

Another great residual income stream is that you will have the opportunity to help other people open up their own online cell phone businesses and you will then earn a percenTAGe of all the sales they make from their stores every month which can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars in residual income every month.

We all know that the internet is growing at an alarmingly Fast rate and more and more people are turning to the internet to get information,to shop etc. And shopping online for cell phone plans are getting bigger and bigger by the day so the opportunities that the internet brings are endless.Over the next 10 years we will experience a big boom in ecommerce and a few people who took action right now will make a very large amount of money.

So let's look at the advanTAGes of starting a cell phone business online versus the traditional way.

-The cost of an online cell phone business is significantly lower than that of a traditional cell phone business.You can have your very own online cell phone business setup in a matter of minutes and it will only cost you around 0 versus tens of thousands of dollars to start a traditional business.

- With an online business you won't have to deal with inventory,shipping and handling,billing or employees as it is all taken care of for you and leaves you with more time to focus on selling.

- The internet has no geographical boundaries and you can sell a cell phone to anybody anywhere in the US where with a traditional business you are limited to your town or city where your store is located at.

There you have it, I hope this article gave you some insight on how to start a cell phone business the easier way.

To your success,

Jan Roos

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