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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bundling TV, Internet and Phone - Triple Play Bundle Packages

Bundling TV, Internet and Phone - Triple Play Bundle Packages

If you use at least three services from one supplier, which has a package called triple-play or triple-play package. They are also a type of telephone service, TV service and Internet service, but the type of service can vary between suppliers. Your level of service for every product on your package will be higher or lower depending on the amount or level of the individual service you want.

All suppliers, whether it be a cable provider or the telephoneservice provider offer some form of high-speed Internet ranging in speeds from 756Kbps, all the way to 25 Mbps download speeds. All television service in the United States is now digital, and all TV service providers offer HD packages, with DVR and HD DVR options, in addition to many choices in programming, from basic to premium. For phone service you might have an option between a landline, digital voice, and wireless. These also have a variety of calling plans available.

Cable Triple Play Packages

Cable providers generally offer triple-play packages with digital home phone service, high-speed Internet service, and digital cable television, but they don't generally offer cellular. I've read rumors where some cable providers are now offering cellular, but it isn't the norm as of now.

Phone Triple Play Packages

It's often difficult to convey that when speaking of phone bundles, it isn't necessarily in terms of a local and long distance calling plan. In this case it's referring to triple-play packages with home phone, or wireless phone, high-speed Internet, and digital television service. I've Mentioned four products, but three constitute a triple play. When you bundle through a phone provider, you have a lot of options for TV, phone, and Internet, such as a choice between satellite and fiber optic TV, or DSL or fiber optic high speed Internet, or landline phone and voice (digital phone service), and even cell phone service.

Satellite Triple Play Packages

Satellite TV providers like DirecTV, and Dish Network don't bundle services. If you were to visit their website or call them looking for a satellite bundled package, they'll refer you to a third Party that offers their services, plus phone, and high-speed Internet like Verizon, AT&T, or CenturyLink. In most cases a satellite TV triple-play package is bundled through a third Party, and includes satellite TV, DSL for Internet, and home phone, or cellular phone service.

Fiber Optic Triple Play Packages

AT&T or Verizon, don't offer cable TV. Instead they provide what's referred to as fiber optic TV, which is easily mistaken for cable. In fact, a lot of people refer to it as AT&T Cable TV service, or Verizon Cable TV service, but this is incorrect. There is less loss of quality with television delivered over fiber optic since signals travel in the form of light along thin strands of glass. Fiber optic bundle packages may also include your choice of fiber optic Internet service which is much Faster than DSL, or you could just opt for standard high-speed DSL internet. A choice between digital phone, and a landline are also commonly available. Most generally, fiber optic TV bundled with phone and Internet is a fiber optic triple-play bundle.

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