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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Cell Phone Water Damage a Death Sentence For Your Phone?

Is Cell Phone Water Damage a Death Sentence For Your Phone?

Every day people face the unfortunate consequence of damage inside the phone. You get dropped in water, take a bath in the yard or public swimming pools and enjoy the days at sea. Many have left in your pocket and go through the washing cycle. No matter the cause, you will probably find that if wet, the phone will stop working. If you fought will be repAired and replaced the phone that is often the extent andType of water involved.

Why does this happen? It is because the vast majority of phones are not waterproof. This is an electronic device, and inside are small circuits and chips to make them work. All water is catastrophic for a phone number.

The watering house contains minute traces of chemicals such as chlorine and other minerals. These have a corrosive effect. Even if you have a filtration unit for tap water may still have damage to your phone. The liquid isthe phone, causing a short circuit to internal components. Getting your phone wet at the beach is not only harmful because the water is liquid, but also because it contains salt. Even the pool water garden is corrosive because it contains chlorine and other chemicals.

If you purchased the phone manufacturer offers a warranty. If your phone does not work anymore because it is defective, it can be in for a replaceMent. Here you will findcell phone water damage voids the warranty, though. If you open the back of the case and look at the battery compartMent you will see a sticker. That sticker is usually white in color. When it gets wet, the sticker changes to a red color. This alerts the dealer and manufacturer that water damage to cell phone caused the failure to operate.

Some consumer's purchase insurance with their phone. If you purchased insurance, many policies cover a replaceMent phone. In some cases, however, the exact same model is not issued. A substitute or used model is given to the consumer. You should check your insurance to see the obligations of the company upon any claim. Assuming you have water damage to your cell phone, and there is no insurance for replaceMent, your other options are to discard the phone and buy a new one or attempt to repAir the it.

The Faster you remove it from the water the better. This lessens the penetration to the inside. If the it is off, do not turn it on. This activates the electronic workings and can cause a short circuit. Contrary to popular opinion do not put it in the microwave. This can cause the corrosive effect of the elements in the water to add damage beyond the liquid itself. You should immediately remove the battery. This assures there is no power to the phone and minimizes that potential source of damage.

If the phone contains a separate GSM carrier, remove the card. The card itself contains the important information similar to a USB drive in a Computer. If you have to obtain a replacement phone at least your contact and other information might be saved. If you have to replace the phone look for one that accommodates the same card you previously used.

Dry the phone by shaking it out and draining the water. Then pat dry as much of the inside of the battery compartment and on the face and body as possible. Do not use a hAir dryer to dry it. This will simply push the moisture deeper into tight crevices inside. Instead try using a vacuum cleaner. This will remove water as opposed to pushing it in. Let it sit on an absorbent material to allow the natural evaporation process to occur.

Once it appears dry, put the battery back and test to see if it will operate. If this does not fix the cell phone water damage, you can either replace it or send it to a professional repAir shop. To make that choice you need to consider the cost of a new phone against the repair expense. If you are at a point in your contract where you can renew, you will be able to obtain a new phone with the usual discounts available for new or extended contracts.

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